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Good Afternoon, my name is C. Needless to say, I have a personal interest in making sure that every child regardless of her race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status is in the best position to succeed and have her social, emotional and educational needs met while in school, and on a daily basis. Currently, this is not the case. As you know, In-school disciplinary actions and suspension rates among Black and Latina girls and young women are alarmingly high compared to other girls in the District.

Black girls are nine times more likely to receive at least one out-of-school suspension, compared to non-Black girls.

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Less than 0. When the Student Fair Access to School Act of was introduced by Council Member Grossowe at the Foundation believed it was an opportunity for the City to address glaring disparities in out-of-school suspensions, create uniform standards across District of Columbia Public Schools DCPSencourage positive approaches and the use of evidence-based and promising practices to discipline in schools, and to curb out-of-school suspensions for minor offenses.

Passing the legislation would put the City on a path to increased educational parity and equity for the most vulnerable students in our system. Of the 21 girls on the Council, more than half reported that they had been suspended once or more; many for minor infractions ranging from dress code violations to talking back to a school official.

Most of the young women that had been suspended believed they had very little recourse to dispute the suspension and struggled, in some instances, with the arbitrary enforcement of rules.

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One story from our meeting relayed by one of our Fellows was truly heartbreaking and strikes at the core of why I believe this legislation is so urgent and necessary. One of our Fellows, now a recent graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and current DCPS school teacher was suspended for bringing a knife to school when she was in the 12 th grade. When she went through the metal detector at her school in the District, the alarm sounded and her backpack was searched.

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Upon further investigation, it was revealed that she was homeless, and worked nights at a local Burger King restaurant. Most nights she would get off work extremely late, and carried the knife for protection as she made her way from Burger King to the local shelter where she lived.

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She forgot to remove the knife from her backpack before school. Rather than expel her, she was given a day suspension. I think we have to ask ourselves, was this just?

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Knowing the situation, could there have been an alternative that would have kept her in school and engaged? More importantly, how can we work to ensure that we are meeting the needs of students and not applying a one size fits all solution to a problem that is multi-layered and complex?

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A: Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier left school when she became a mother at the age of Lanier became Chief of Police in and during her tenure has seen a 53 percent reduction in homicides, ending the year of with a total not seen since With so much attention focused on one place, we have a rare opportunity to advocate for and support the women and girls whose circumstances are too often ignored or unrecognized. Traffickers force or coerce victims into labor, services, or commercial sex acts, and they target vulnerable populations, like women who live in poverty, runaway and homeless youth, and undocumented immigrants.

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In New Jersey, advocates are conducting trainings for transportation and hospitality workers and using street outreach efforts to help people recognize the s of trafficking and help those who may be victims. Law enforcement officials have stepped up their efforts as well, and this week the House Committee on Foreign Affairs held a hearing on preventing trafficking at major sporting events.

One of the women who testified at the hearing was Holly Smith, a survivor of child sex trafficking. It was and Holly was 14 when a man she met at a mall convinced her to run away from home, promising her the life she dreamed of. Now, she wonders if campaigns, media attention and public concern around the Super Bowl may have heightened awareness and prevented her situation.

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Whether you are headed to New Jersey for the big game this weekend or not, there are potential indicators of human trafficking that can help you recognize warning s wherever you are. According to Polaris Project, potential victims may:. Polaris Project has a more comprehensive list here.

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If you see any of these red flags, you are encouraged to call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline at or send a text to BeFree So while you excitedly cheer on your favorite teams this weekend, be mindful that human trafficking thrives on the chaos and celebration of the Super Bowl and similar events. By being educated and vigilant, we can be advocates for women and girls, and work together to make sure that no children have to go through what Holly Smith experienced.

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Why Congress should pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. Maatz writes about how passing the Paycheck Fairness Act would go a long way in ensuring pay equity. Local prep schools plan to take action when it comes to relationship violence. What the Giving Pledge has to do with you. The meeting is in response to the May beating death of year-old University of Virginia student Yeardley Love.

Her former boyfriend has been charged with her murder. Earlier this week, a report aired on Anderson Cooper that was both shocking in the information it revealed about local human and sex trafficking and disturbing in how little was being done to prevent it. In fact, the entire report took place in the D. In a commentary posted on CNN. Most are from 11 and 14 years old. The men who had sex with her answered a Craigslist ad.

When the girl wrote a letter to Craig Newmark about her experience, she received no answer.

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That morals talk just as loud as money. The August 4th clinic, which will be held at the Washington Convention Center is still short about volunteers. for more details.

A stalking victim comes to D. But as Jezebel. for details.

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The purpose of the bill is to strengthen current federal anti-stalking laws. Andrews was stalked by a man who followed her across three states and filmed her through the peephole of her hotel room doors. These funds support safe housing and other services for homeless women each year. Calvary is one of many social service providers notified of cuts to their existing contracts.

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Emergency, transitional and supported permanent housing programs were all targeted as the city attempted to close an ever-widening budget gap. The impact of these cuts on the overall homeless services system is going to be severe, with some housing programs reducing their services and others likely closing programs.

Women who have already lost their jobs in this economic crisis will have fewer services and housing options available to them. These cuts will make women who are already at-risk much more likely to end up living on the streets or in unsafe situations.

The women who come to programs like Calvary are survivors of violence, women struggling with mental illness, and women working to overcome addictions. At Calvary we make sure they have access to all of the services they need to address these challenges — in addition to providing a safe place to live.

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We know that programs like ours work. Every five days a woman moves out of Calvary and into her own home. We have always relied on the support of both public funding and private donations to make our programs possible.

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In the past, supporters have helped us close gaps like this one, and I am hopeful that the community will step up once again. But I am also concerned that this gap may be too wide for our generous donors to close.

The coming months will be challenging ones for organizations like Calvary, as we try to find ways to continue to provide women in this community with critical, life changing services.

Singles near New Jersey, USA

More so, they will be challenging months for women who need services like ours, as they face closed doors and reduced services at programs across the city. Volunteer, donate or learn more at www. Learn more about them on their Web site or on Facebook.

The following are excerpts of the research update. For the full update, including summarized key findings.

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Full text. Jobs and Business Ownership News One fifth of all families with children are headed by working single mothers.

Black lady Atlantic City craigslist sex

The families of single mothers have a high poverty rate — The persistent gender wage gap continues: inwomen who worked full-time, year-round earned only 78 cents for every dollar earned by full-time, year-round male workers. You can read the details about these findings by clicking here. Child Care and Early Education News A new Child Trends research brief explores the issues that judges consider when making decisions about termination of parental rights TPR and adoption of foster children.

Several judges reported that the absence of TPR limits the adoption recruitment efforts of the child welfare agency.

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Some judges report a need for more discussions with older children to explore and address their concerns about adoption. Health and Safety News Today, there are about 1. ZIP: 08401 08404 08405

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